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Tuition & Fees


There are some fees that students may be required to pay or incur before or during their study at CAHST. These may include:

  1. Tuition Fees: This is the cost of instruction for each course or program. Tuition fees vary depending on the program, level of study, and duration of the program.
  2. Registration Fees: This is a one-time fee paid by new students to cover the administrative costs of enrolling in our institution.
  3. Accommodation Fees: The cost of living in our hostel or dormitory. Accommodation fees vary depending on the type of accommodation and the location. If you are renting accommodation off campus then you must bear that cost in mind.
  4. Laboratory Fees: the cost of using laboratory equipment and materials. Laboratory fees vary depending on the program and the nature of the laboratory work.
  5. Library Fees: The cost of using our library facilities and resources. Library fees may be charged per semester or per academic year.
  6. Examination Fees: the cost of taking exams and other assessments. Examination fees vary depending on the program and the type of assessment.
  7. Medical Fees: This is the cost of medical services provided by CAHST, including health insurance, check-ups, and treatment. Medical fees may be charged per semester or per academic year.
  8. ICT/Technology Fees: this is the cost of using our computer facilities, internet services, and other technology resources. Technology fees may be charged per semester or per academic year.


Information about scholarship provisions and financial aid for studying at CAHST will be provided here later.

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For this Academic Session

Call for Application 2022/2023 Academic Session



The Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) is a unified platform for interaction
among brilliant young researchers below the age of 45 in Nigeria who are
from various research disciplines and regions. The Academy seeks to nurture
outstanding and aspiring youthful academics and professionals towards
improving the state of the nation. The NYA recognizes excellence among
young researchers nationally and promotes the applicants.

Application of collective research findings for the improvement of the quality of life of Nigerian
society. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in building inspirational figures
for a new generation of researchers. The Academy has its core values
entrenched in integrity and excellence in research, and fostering research
collaborations among young researchers nationally and internationally for the
socio-economic benefit of Nigeria.


The call is open to all scholars working in any research-based discipline,
including the social sciences, arts, humanities, education, law, sciences,
medicine, engineering etc.
Complete the online application form by visiting the NYA website via Signing in to an active
A Google account is required for completion. Follow all instructions on the
form strictly.

References: Candidates should obtain three (3) reference letters from their
referees and upload the same in the online application.
Note: Persons who have applied for membership are not eligible to apply for
any NYA prize in the same year. Multiple applications from same applicant in
the same year will all be automatically disqualified.


    • Are you a Nigerian who is currently employed in Nigeria?
    • Do you have a passion for excellence and a drive to be a global player in your field of endeavour?
    • If your answer to the posers above is in the affirmative, then the NYA is the platform you seek.

Enquiries: A. A. Egbetokun, PhD (President, 08053387246)
M. I. Kazeem, PhD (Secretary, 08030622000)cation

SCAM ALERT! Don't let anybody use your brain!

Important warning: All students are hereby warned not to make any payment to or purchase any forms from any staff or person(s) who claim to operate on behalf of CAHST in order to help them secure admission. All payments must be made to the bank directly and all applications for admission must be submitted online on the college website. Any payments not made to the bank directly is probably made to a scammer. Any application submitted via any other means other than the website will be discarded.