Transforming Knowledge into Skill and Service

College of Advanced Health Science & Technology

Vision, Mission & Core Values


The Nigerian College of Advanced Health Science & Technology (NCAHST) was founded as one of Nigeria’s hub for hands-on technological skills acquisition to better prepare graduands with the experience and exposure they need (key factors in determining one’s credibility in today’s technology-driven world), and to develop and exponentially increase their learning curve with up-to-date and applied practices in the real-world environment.

The mission of the Nigerian College of Advanced Health Science & Technology (NCAHST)  is embedded within the vision and initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria and implemented through the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) in its quest to, empower the youths for gainful employment, increase access to tertiary education, and enhance the Nigerian economy.

The experience we offer

A vibrant learning environment – fostering innovation and creativity, informed by practice, inspired by research, focusing on the globally relevant areas in which we excel.

The difference we make

We are passionately building and grooming the next generation of highly informed and highly employable citizens via our dynamic and well-affiliated platform to shape the technological future of Nigeria and the world at large.


We aim towards pace-setting reform in the mode of learning and professional practice by:

  • providing a vibrant and inspirational learning environment
  • developing research-oriented teaching and learning models.
  • embedding attitudinal change, patriotism, originality, adventure, and professionalism in our daily academic and professional life.
  • addressing and bridging the skills gap among Nigerian youths.
  • deploying modern technology in our learning environment so as to eliminate the possibility of there existing any digital divide among the next generation professionals and scientists.
  • positioning Nigerian youths to favorably compete globally
  • providing applicants who desire further studies a credible and respected alternative to obtain employable skills.
  • encourage personal, professional and academic development of students and staff.
  • engaging learners as active participants in all aspects of learning and evaluation.
  • ensuring that our graduates meet national standards.

Our Core Values

Employability: The summary of our quest is to build youths who will be highly employable having acquired the skills relevant to compete favourably with the global community demands. It is expected that any staff or students who passes through our institution will receive focus on capacity building and will acquire an immeasurable amount of skill.

Excellence: Nigeria is currently being viewed as one of the fastest developing nations in the world and to underscore this notion, our drive is to encourage the best output and pitch our effort to provide the know-how which will play and indispensable role in achieving the growth demands and expectations on the country. We employ virtues of creative thinking, discipline and responsibility, and we expect the very highest standards of ourselves: staff and students alike.

Dynamism: We do not settle for conservative know-how but seek ways of optimizing, enhancing and advancing knowledge via research and proactive learning.

Independence: We seek to raise free-thinking and open-minded youths who will envision tomorrow’s technology and gladly shoulder the responsibility of the providing technology required to guarantee a country that relies on it’s own home-bred technological product.

Friendship: A friendly environment is vital to ensure a learning atmosphere where staff and students work in tandem to galvanize the learning and research process and to achieve a sustainable growth.

Admission Open


For this Academic Session

Call for Application 2022/2023 Academic Session



The Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) is a unified platform for interaction
among brilliant young researchers below the age of 45 in Nigeria who are
from various research disciplines and regions. The Academy seeks to nurture
outstanding and aspiring youthful academics and professionals towards
improving the state of the nation. The NYA recognizes excellence among
young researchers nationally and promotes the applicants.

Application of collective research findings for the improvement of the quality of life of Nigerian
society. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in building inspirational figures
for a new generation of researchers. The Academy has its core values
entrenched in integrity and excellence in research, and fostering research
collaborations among young researchers nationally and internationally for the
socio-economic benefit of Nigeria.


The call is open to all scholars working in any research-based discipline,
including the social sciences, arts, humanities, education, law, sciences,
medicine, engineering etc.
Complete the online application form by visiting the NYA website via Signing in to an active
A Google account is required for completion. Follow all instructions on the
form strictly.

References: Candidates should obtain three (3) reference letters from their
referees and upload the same in the online application.
Note: Persons who have applied for membership are not eligible to apply for
any NYA prize in the same year. Multiple applications from same applicant in
the same year will all be automatically disqualified.


    • Are you a Nigerian who is currently employed in Nigeria?
    • Do you have a passion for excellence and a drive to be a global player in your field of endeavour?
    • If your answer to the posers above is in the affirmative, then the NYA is the platform you seek.

Enquiries: A. A. Egbetokun, PhD (President, 08053387246)
M. I. Kazeem, PhD (Secretary, 08030622000)cation