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The College of Advanced Health Science and Technology (CAHST), Onicha Ohaozara, in Ebonyi State, is approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Ebonyi State Ministry of Education;  a private-driven, Federal Government-Assisted Institution through the YouWiN-1 program of the Federal Ministry of Finance; operating under private-public partnership scheme of Federal Ministry of Education, and currently affiliated to the Center for Biomedical Science and Allied Health Studies, Saskatoon Canada; and operation a number of high demand Health Programs at Diploma level and Higher Specialist Diploma in Medical Sciences.

CAHST is a new generation innovation and entrepreneurial-driven institution of higher medical learning.  CAHST is designed to widen access to quality and pluralistic higher education through the provision of relevant industry-specific employable and highly professional skills. We focus on empowering our students to achieve an employable life-long professional qualification and practice in the Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Health Technologies.

Piloted by a governing council and Board of directors, CAHST is designed to widen access to higher education through the provision of relevant industry-specific employable skills. The aim of the institution is to create the next generation of graduates with skills relevant to our economy and to create job opportunities for Nigerian youths.

We are working to widen our partnership with governmental agencies, professional bodies including the West African Health Examination Board, Environmental Health Council of Nigeria, Chartered Chemist Council of Nigeria, Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, Health Record Registration Board, and professional body in Social Works, and private industries, organizations, individuals and professional bodies and corporate bodies to provide specialized training in the shortage areas of  Health and Social Care.

Our Pride

90% 0f our first batch of students were employed before they defended their projects. We are proud of Mrs Ibiam who is now working with an international Health Organization following her brilliant graduation in 2014.

Our Pharmacology students worked with leading Pharmaceutical Companies in Lagos and other states including Glaxosmith.

Our Testimony

In spite of the existence of over 100 universities and over 120 polytechnics and similar institutions, in addition to hundreds of technical/vocational colleges, educational institutions in Nigeria has been largely disconnected from industrial and socio-economic needs by consistent neglect of competence and placing undue emphasis on paper qualification.

Today, we have a country with a working-class population bloated with degrees, some have double PhD, MSc, HND, BSc, MBBS, OND etc. but are grossly incompetent to deliver a number of specific skills needed to drive growth in various sectors. These people have the so-called paper qualification but not the skills to perform specific duties the industry need. This is the cause of the increasing unemployment, poverty and insecurity in Nigeria.

A similar scenario in the UK many years back resulted in the setting up of a Working Group, chaired by Oscar de Ville, which drew attention to many deficiencies in the system and led to the approval of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) for the first time, which recognizes the skills an individual acquired in a non-conventional school environment and provides a national system of training, acquisition of skills, and competitiveness needed to have a job. That report resulted in a change on placing emphasis on paper qualification but on the ability to perform certain works and responsibilities.

In recognition of this need, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration of 1998 makes it clear that the acquisition of employable skills and labour is a fundamental human right and insists that these rights are universal and that they apply to all people in all States – regardless of the level of economic development. It particularly mentions groups with special needs, including the unemployed and migrant workers. The need to eradicate poverty through the acquisition of employable skills is well documented.

Nigeria aspires to become a major player in the world economy. It is very clear that the most crucial vehicle for attaining such an ambitious goal, apart from power infrastructure, is a skilled and competent workforce.

By providing scaled-up competency-based training, the Training Center of the Nigerian College of Advance Health Science and Technology play a strong role in promoting National Security through pluralistic career-specific employable skills to abundant unskilled youths (with or without previous education) in Nigeria – this has allowed them to become self-employed, engage in a specific occupation and trades and therefore shown recruitment into terrorist groups.

This is already transforming the youths within our catchment areas – that is the impetus. In fact, the Skill Development Center of the Nigerian College of Advance Health is committed to equipping youth with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to enter employment in a specific sector. We combine in-classroom training and involve private organizations and other professionals to provide the field experience. Emphasis is not on qualification but the ability to develop career skills and placing the trainee on employment at the end of his training. Trainees learn the skills employers demand from experienced industry professionals.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to delivering:

  • Excellence: Outstanding performance in scientific innovation and community engagement.
  • Collaboration: The creation of partnerships in Nigeria, West Africa and the world among experts in academia, industry, governments and the public.
  • Knowledge Translation converting Science and Technology to employable skills to curb crime.

The centralized location of CAHST and its proximity to other reputable institutions such as Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic at Unwana, Ebonyi State University, College of Education, Ikwo, The Mater Misericordia Hospital School of Nursing and Midwifery at Afikpo, and Federal University Ndufu Alike, Ikwo serves the metropolitan purpose of attracting academic intelligence and research-oriented minds.

CAHST will continue to be imaginative in recognizing trends and new needs in the academic field and will develop appropriate products and platforms for its target markets.

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Call for Application 2022/2023 Academic Session



The Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) is a unified platform for interaction
among brilliant young researchers below the age of 45 in Nigeria who are
from various research disciplines and regions. The Academy seeks to nurture
outstanding and aspiring youthful academics and professionals towards
improving the state of the nation. The NYA recognizes excellence among
young researchers nationally and promotes the applicants.

Application of collective research findings for the improvement of the quality of life of Nigerian
society. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in building inspirational figures
for a new generation of researchers. The Academy has its core values
entrenched in integrity and excellence in research, and fostering research
collaborations among young researchers nationally and internationally for the
socio-economic benefit of Nigeria.


The call is open to all scholars working in any research-based discipline,
including the social sciences, arts, humanities, education, law, sciences,
medicine, engineering etc.
Complete the online application form by visiting the NYA website via Signing in to an active
A Google account is required for completion. Follow all instructions on the
form strictly.

References: Candidates should obtain three (3) reference letters from their
referees and upload the same in the online application.
Note: Persons who have applied for membership are not eligible to apply for
any NYA prize in the same year. Multiple applications from same applicant in
the same year will all be automatically disqualified.


    • Are you a Nigerian who is currently employed in Nigeria?
    • Do you have a passion for excellence and a drive to be a global player in your field of endeavour?
    • If your answer to the posers above is in the affirmative, then the NYA is the platform you seek.

Enquiries: A. A. Egbetokun, PhD (President, 08053387246)
M. I. Kazeem, PhD (Secretary, 08030622000)cation

SCAM ALERT! Don't let anybody use your brain!

Important warning: All students are hereby warned not to make any payment to or purchase any forms from any staff or person(s) who claim to operate on behalf of CAHST in order to help them secure admission. All payments must be made to the bank directly and all applications for admission must be submitted online on the college website. Any payments not made to the bank directly is probably made to a scammer. Any application submitted via any other means other than the website will be discarded.