Pharmaceutical Technology

This is 3 years intensive program leading to the Award of Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology.  Interested candidate can  complet the Combined program to have Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology and Community Pharmacy Assistant

The aim of the Pharmaceutical Technology programme is to produce technologists with a sound understanding of the biological action of drugs and chemicals, the way they work at the molecular, cellular and systems level and their use in medicines for the treatment of disease. It thus provides an ideal grounding for a career in the pharmaceutical industry or general biomedical research and for graduate entry to Medicine.  However, the transferable skills acquired, including data gathering, analysis and interpretation, presentation skills and team-work prepare you for undergraduate careers with a wide range of public and private sector employers.


our graduates are highly attractive to a variety of employers. Some of our graduates would be employed as Pharmacology Technologist in Department of Pharmacology in Institutions offering Medicine,  or work as research scientists in university, hospital or industrial laboratories where they design and carry out experiments to examine the usefulness of new drugs or new drug targets. Many Health Centers, public and private Hospitals, Pharmacy shops also employ Pharmacology graduates from this College. Some graduates may wish to start their own Companies, and open Pharmacology Shops. Many will  study for higher degrees. Others will pharmaceutical companies as medical sales representatives or medical information officers who monitor scientific literature for publications relevant to the company’s research. Companies also employ pharmacology graduates as drug registration officers who submit research findings to the international registration authorities for approval before new medicines are released for general use, or as clinical research associates involved in the design and coordination of clinical trials of new drugs.

Studying pharmacology will also equip you with a wide range of transferable skills including data gathering, analysis and interpretation, presentation skills and teamwork, which will be relevant for further undergraduate  careers with many public and private sector employers.

Many more pharmaceutical jobs are constantly advertised at are some are not advertised but you can work in for more information.



College requires students to attend class.


Programs are delivered so as to model workplace requirements.

We recognizes that registration in each course presumes a contractual agreement to the terms of the course as stated in the course outline and syllabus of the school.

The Institute believes that attendance is directly related to success in learning.


The student will take responsibility for his/her own decisions related to his/her attendance.

The student will take responsibility to abide by the attendance expectations of his/her sponsoring agency.

A student who is absent from a class session for any reason will assume the responsibility to complete class work. The student will obtain information and materials presented in the class during his/her absence.

Attendance of all students will be recorded by the Instructor and submitted to the Registrar or designate. The record of sponsored students will be forwarded to the sponsoring agency if required.

At the instructor’s discretion a warning letter may be given to the student prior to the student missing 10% of the required course time.

After a student misses 10% of the required course time, which may be prorated term by term, as stated in the course outline and syllabus, the student and the instructor will meet to prepare an attendance contract. Options, which may include withdrawal or dismissal, will be discussed in order to aid the student in his/her decision making. A meeting with Student Services may be recommended.

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