Community Pharmacy Assistant Program

Pharmacy Assistant Certificate Program

Duration; 2 years modular intensive


Program emphasizes hands-on learning through labs and field placements—students complete approximately 165 field placement hours.

  • Curriculum covers the newest pharmaceutical product, practices and drug distribution systems.
  • Program emphasizes Interprofessional Education.
  • Good knowledge of O’level Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English is required
  • Candidate with previous higher education may be considered
  • A background check for criminal record will be done for all accepted candidate
  • This is a fast track program

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You will train to assist pharmacists by preparing drugs, managing inventory and helping with customers through this program that combines theory and hands-on instruction. Pharmacy assistants can find work in hospitals, long-term care facilities and retail pharmacies and Local Government Authorities and Companies.

As a community pharmacy assistant, working with a Registered Pharmacist and/or Pharmacy Technician, you will be an integral part of the health care team that aims to offer quality pharmaceutical services to customers in the community pharmacy setting.

Program description

As our population grows and ages, there is a vital need for trained professionals to provide pharmacy‐related assistance. This program trains students to become knowledgeable and skilled pharmacy assistants. Theory is taught in class and practiced in the laboratory. A four‐week retail fieldwork practicum completes the training. The pharmacy assistant is responsible for receiving prescriptions, preparing drugs, undertaking clerical and computer duties, managing inventory and providing customer service.

Pharmacy assistants must always work directly under the supervision and guidance of the pharmacist. They allow the pharmacist to spend more time with the client in his or her care.

In this certificate program, students spend approximately 16 hours per week on campus in theory‐based courses and laboratory practice. Course content in the first semester includes pharmacy concepts, pharmaceutical calculations, body systems and pharmaceutical implications and order processing, as well as professional standards and workplace communications. In the second semester, students complete their practicum in a community retail pharmacy to gain competency integrating theoretical knowledge with dispensing practice and customer service.

second year courses

Code Course Name Credits
GSS Use of English and Communication Skill 3
MATH111 Health Sciences Mathematics 2
PHAR1111 Pharmacology I for Community Pharmacy Assistant 3
PHAR131 Pharmacy Business Practices for Community Pharmacy Assistant 3
PHAR1114 Community Pharmacy Assistant Lab 3
PHAR1115 Pharmacy Legislation for Community Pharmacy Assistant 2
PRAC1124 Field Placement Community Pharmacy Assistant I 3
Term two (2018)
Code Course Name Credits
PHAR1212 Pharmacology II for Community Pharmacy Assistant 3
PHAR1215 Applied Pharmacy Calculations for Community Pharmacy 2
PHAR1216 Non Prescription Drugs and Products for Community Pharm 2
PHAR1217 Pharmaceutical Compounding for Community Pharmacy Assistant 4
PHAR1218 Long Term Care Pharmacy for Community Pharmacy Assistant 2
PHAR1219 Pharmacy Computers for the Community Pharmacy Assistant 3
PRAC1224 Field Placement Community Pharmacy Assistant II 5

Course details

PHAR1112 Pharmacology I for Community Pharmacy Assistant

Note there may be some changes to the above curriculum which can take place without notice


After successfully completing this program, graduates will receive a Community Pharmacy Assistant Diploma

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