Advanced professional Qualifications

  •  Advanced Specialist Diploma This qualification conveys and consolidates the highest levels of knowledge and expertise and demonstrates expertise within a discipline, build upon the College’s Higher Specialist Diploma (HSD).It is structured in two parts – part one and part two examinations.
  • Higher Specialist Diploma                                                                          This qualification enables scientists  and health workers with 5 years post registration experience, who are looking to progress to a more advanced role to demonstrate high levels of knowledge, skill and competence within their chosen discipline.  Higher Specialist Diploma is an M-level professional vocational qualification and is assessed with a portfolio of experiential learning and a written examination.
  • Diploma of Expert Practice

This qualification allows scientists and health professionals with 5 years post registration experience, working in highly specialised areas of practice to demonstrate high levels of knowledge, skill and competence in their specialist subject area. The Diplomas of Expert Practice are an expert level professional vocational qualifications assessed by a portfolio of experiential learning and a multi-component assessment.

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